Farewell from Date My Wardrobe


We started Date My Wardrobe to make high-end fashion easily accessible. We believed in making access over ownership a model in retail by giving our customers an option to rent from fashion designers. In 2016, we launched some amazing Boston based fashion designers on Date My Wardrobe. We partnered with local stylists, organizations including HubWeek and Boston Fashion Week. We also got a chance to meet with Boston's fashionista community. It is all of you who made working on Date My Wardrobe so much fun.

While Date My Wardrobe became a great way to check out local designers collection for rentals, we were unable to make it financially viable. We're proud of the product we built - but even more so we are grateful for the community of fashionistas and designers who became part of our journey. It is with a heavy heart that we share that as of 25th March, 2017, we are ceasing all operations and Date My Wardrobe will not be available on the app store.

Thank you for being part of the DMW community.

- Amrita (Founder/CEO) & DMW Team